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In Their Own Words: We offer a line of 60 x 80 inch wargaming mats for sale! This is something that we had been using for our own games, but we received so many questions and positive comments from gamers about them that we decided to make them available for purchase. All of these mats were hand drawn by Cory and then expertly illustrated and designed by Chris. They are inspired by actual battles, but we have kept them somewhat generic so that they can be used for most any scales, periods or scenarios. They are a fantastic way to quickly set up a great looking game at your house, club, convention or local hobby shop. They can be used “as is” in 2D, but they really work best when layered with your own 3D terrain like houses, tress, fences, etc. We use foam hills underneath the mats as hills. The roads are approximately 1-3 inch in width and work well for 10mm to 28mm figures. The mats are printed on a single sheet of fleece cloth.

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