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For all the achievements of the Imperial Megacorporation, their history is forever darkened by events that changed the world of mankind forever. During the pre-Exodus migration from Earth it was the navigational space-faring skills of Imperial that allowed it to rise in power until it was on a par with the other Megacorporations. Although the smallest of the Megacorporations, their imperialistic nature has allowed them to keep step as the great powers of the solar system jostled for power. Their success is due to the caliber of the common citizens and not to the corporate leadership, which has earned a well-deserved reputation for bad judgement.
It was the Imperial Conquistadors on Pluto that first unearthed the so-called Steel Tablet, a careless act, which released the Dark Symmetry into the Solar system. And yet it was also the Imperial Corporation who designed the first Harrison Drives, which enabled travel through the spatial rifts and effectively saved mankind from despair after the collapse of so much of his precious technology. But then, in a repetition of history, and true to their inquisitive nature, it was the Imperial Conquistadors landing on the tenth planet Nero who unwittingly invited the Dark Legion itself into the world of mankind. And they are yet to redeem themselves for that catastrophic act.

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Photo of Andrew Drougan (Imperial Doomtrooper) (WRZ-IMP-03)
WRZ-IMP-03 - Andrew Drougan (Imperial Doomtrooper)

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Photo of Timothy MacGuire (WRZ-IMP-12)
WRZ-IMP-12 - Timothy MacGuire

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Photo of Imperial Life Dragoons (WRZ-IMP-13)
WRZ-IMP-13 - Imperial Life Dragoons

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Photo of Imperial Warhounds (WRZ-IMP-16)
WRZ-IMP-16 - Imperial Warhounds

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Photo of Wolfbane Commandos (WRZ-WLF-04)
WRZ-WLF-04 - Wolfbane Commandos

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