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Photo of British Tommies 1944/45 (VM001)
VM001 - British Tommies 1944/45

Our Price:£10.99

Photo of Classic German Infantry 1944/45 (VM002)
VM002 - Classic German Infantry 1944/45

Our Price:£10.99

Photo of American GIs 1942/ 1944 (VM003)
VM003 - American GIs 1942/ 1944

Our Price:£10.99

Photo of Germans in Normandy 1944 (VM004)
VM004 - Germans in Normandy 1944

Our Price was:£10.99
Special Offer Price:£8.00

Photo of German IF8 Infantry Cart (VM005)
VM005 - German IF8 Infantry Cart

Our Price was:£8.99
Special Offer Price:£6.00

Photo of German Paratroops (VM006)
VM006 - German Paratroops

Our Price was:£6.99
Special Offer Price:£4.50