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1/48th World War Two - British

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

WWB04British Infantry Bren Team£6.40

WWB01British Infantry Cmd and Support£6.40

WWB02British Infantry Riflemen£6.40

WWB03British Infantry Riflemen II£6.40

WWB11British Paratrooper Bren Team£6.40

WWB10 British Paratrooper Riflemen II£6.40

WWB07British Prone Infantry£6.40

WWB05Royal Marine Commando (1944)£6.40

WWB06Commonwealth Riflemen (1944)£6.40

1/48th World War Two - German

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

WWG14 German Riflemen I (1945)£6.40

WWG15German Riflemen II (1945)£6.40

WWG10German Tankbusters (1945)£6.40

WWG13Germans with MG42 (1945)£6.40

WWG12Germans with MP44 (1945)£6.40

WWG11Germans with Semi Auto Rifles (1945)£6.40

WWG05SS Prone Infantry£6.40

WWG02SS Riflemen£6.40

WWG03SS Riflemen II£6.40

WWG06Wehrmacht Command£6.40

WWG08Wehrmacht Riflemen II£6.40

WWG07Wehrmacht Riflemen I£6.40

WWG09Wehrmacht MG42 Team£6.40

1/48th World War Two - Russians

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

MF1005 Soviet 8th Guards£7.50

WWS002 Soviet Infantrymen with Carbines£6.40

WWS006 Soviet Infantrymen with DP LMG£6.40

WWS005 Soviet Infantrymen with PPS-43 SMGs£6.40

WWS003 Soviet Infantrymen with SVT-40s£6.40

WWS004 Soviet Infantrymen with PPsH SMGs£6.40

1/48th World War Two - U.S.A.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

WWA001US Infantry Command (1944)£6.40

WWA002US Infantry Riflemen I£6.40

WWA003US Infantry Riflemen II£6.40

WWA009US Paratrooper .30cal MG Team£6.40

WWA007US Paratrooper Riflemen II£6.40

WWA008US Paratrooper BAR teams£6.40