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World War One - American Army WW1

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

US001US Officers and NCOs£7.50

US002US Infantry with Backpacks£7.50

US003US Infantry in Light Kit£7.50

US004US Hotchkiss Heavy Machine Gun£7.50

US005US Browning Heavy Machine Gun£7.50

US006US Infantry with Chauchat Light Machine Guns£7.50

US007US Infantry Bombers£7.50

World War One - Artillery

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F119M1897 75mm field gun£7.50

GUN10British Artillery Horse Limber£30.00

GUN1British 13pdr Mk1 Gun£7.50

GUN2British 18pdr Gun£7.50

GUN3British Ammunition Wagon£7.50

GUN4German 77mm FK96 Gun£7.50

World War One - Belgian Army 1914

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BL100Belgian Officers and NCOs£7.50

BL101Infantry in Shakos and packs£7.50

BL102Grenadiers/ Infantry in Caps£7.50


BL104Maxim HMG with Crew in Shakos£7.50

BL105Belgian Maxim HMG with Grenadier Crew£7.50

BL106Maxim HMG with Carabinier Crew£7.50

World War One - British Army 1914

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

B100British Officers and NCOs£7.50

B101British Infantry Advancing£7.50

B102British Infantry Skirmishing£7.50

B103British Vickers Gun £7.50

B104Scottish Command£7.50


B106Highland HMG£7.50

B107Lowland Scots Infantry£7.50

B108Lowland Scot Heavy Machine Gun£7.50

B109British Staff Officers£7.50

B110British Casualties£7.50

B112British Artillery Crew£7.50

B113British Cavalry Command£7.50

B114British Cavalry with Swords£7.50

B115British Cavalry with Lances£7.50

B116British Cavalry with Rifles (Out of Stock)£7.50

B117Dismounted British Cavalry (1914)£7.50

B118British Cavalry Vickers Team£7.50

B119British Cavalry Machine Gun Wagon£22.50

B120British Infantry Machine Gun Wagon£15.00

B125British Leach Trench Catapult£7.50

World War One - British Army 1917-1918

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B001British Officers and NCOs£7.50

B002British Infantry Advancing£7.50

B003British Infantry Advancing II£7.50

B004British Infantry In Gasmasks£7.50

B005British with Lewis Guns£7.50

B006British Trench Raiders£7.50

B007British Vickers Machine Gun£7.50

B008British 3inch Mortar£7.50

B009British Command Group£7.50

B010British Infantry in Cold Weather Clothing£7.50


B012Highlander Command£7.50

B013British Bombers£7.50

B014British Casualties£7.50

B015British Signallers£7.50

B016British Characters£7.50

B017British Command in Gas Masks£7.50

B018British Tank Crews£7.50

B019British 2-inch Toffee Apple Mortar£7.50

B020British Infantry Marching£7.50

B021British Artillery Crew£7.50

B022British Cavalry Command£7.50

B023British Cavalry with Swords£7.50

B024British Cavalry with Lances£7.50

B025British Cavalry with Rifles£7.50

B026Dismounted British Cavalry (1918)£7.50

World War One - French Army 1914

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F100French officers and NCOs£7.50

F101French Infantry Advancing£7.50

F102French Infantry Advancing in Packs£7.50

F103French St. Etienne Machine Gun£7.50

F104French Infantry Advancing in Light Equipment£7.50

F105French Infantry Skirmishing in Light Equipment£7.50

F106French Officers and NCOs II£7.50

F107French Infantry Skirmishing£7.50

F108French Staff Officers£7.50

F110French Dragoon Command£7.50

F111French Dragoons£7.50

F114French Cuirassier Command£7.50

F115French Cuirassiers (pack 1)£7.50

F116French Cuirassiers (pack 2)£7.50

F120French Artillery crew in kepis£7.50

World War One - German Army 1914

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G100German Officers and NCOs£7.50

G101German Infantry Advancing£7.50

G102German Infantry Skirmishing£7.50

G103German Infantry in Feldmutze£7.50

G104German Heavy Machine Gun£7.50

G105German Jaeger Command£7.50

G106German Jaegers£7.50

G107German Jaeger Heavy Machine Gun£7.50

G108German Field Artillery Crew£7.50

G109German 25mm Minewerfer£7.50

G110German High Command 1914£7.50

G111German Uhlan Command£7.50

G112German Uhlans£7.50

G113Dismounted German Uhlans£7.50

G114German Casualties£7.50

G115German Hussar Command£7.50

G116German Hussars£7.50

World War One - German Army 1916-1918

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

G001German Officers and NCOs£7.50

G002German Infantry in Assault Packs£7.50

G003German Infantry in Assault Packs II£7.50

G004German Infantry in Gasmask£7.50

G005German Light Machine Guns£7.50

G006German Trench Raiders£7.50

G007German maxim Machine Gun£7.50

G008German 76mm Minewerfer.£7.50

G009German Infantry in Light Equipment£7.50

G010Germans with Bergman SMGs£7.50

G011German Command Group£7.50

G012German Specialists£7.50

G013German Stormtroopers£7.50

G014German Stormtroopers II£7.50

G015German Casualties£7.50

G016German Command and Support in Gasmasks£7.50

G017German 3.7cm TAK anti-tank Gun£7.50

G018German Artillery Crew£7.50

G019German Snipers£7.50

G020German Uhlan Command (1918)£7.50

G021German Uhlans (1918)£7.50

G022German Uhlans II (1918) £7.50

World War One - Vehicle Kits

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V03German A7V Tank£32.00