Oathmark (37 products found)

Dwarves - Dwarves

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

OAKP101Dwarf Infantry£25.00

OAKP102Dwarf Heavy Infantry£25.00

OAK101Dwarf King, Wizard & Musician£8.00

OAK102Dwarf Champions£8.00

OAK109Dwarf Heroes£8.00

DWARF(NS)1Dwarf Shield Transfers 1£3.50

DWARF(NS)2Dwarf Shield Transfers 2£3.50

DWARF(NS)3Dwarf Shield Transfers 3£3.50

DWARF(NS)4Dwarf Shield Transfers 4£3.50

DWARF(NS)5Dwarf Flag and Shields£5.00

DWARF(NS)6Dwarf Flag and Shields 2£5.00

FAND01Dwarf Fantasy Boar Banners£2.50

FAND02Dwarf Fantasy Helmet Banners£2.50

FAND03Dwarf Fantasy Anvil Banners£2.50

FAND04Dwarf Fantasy Tree Banners£2.50

FAND05Dwarf Fantasy Hammer Anvil Banners£2.50

Elves - Elves

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

OAKP301Elf Infantry£25.00

ELF(NS)1Elf Banner and Shields 1£6.00

ELF(NS)2Elf Banner and Shields 2£6.00

OAK105Elf King, Wizard and Musician£8.00

OAK106Elf Champions£8.00

Goblins - Goblin Wolf Riders

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

OAK110Goblin Wolf Rider Champion 1£6.00

OAK111Goblin Wolf Rider Champion 2£6.00

OAK112Goblin Wolf Rider Champion 3£6.00

OAK113Goblin Wolf Rider Lord£6.00

OAK114Goblin Wolf Rider Musician£6.00

OAK115Goblin Wolf Rider Shaman£6.00

Goblins - Goblins

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

OAKP201Goblin Infantry£25.00

OAKP202Goblin Wolf Riders£25.00

OAK103Great Goblin, Shaman, Drummer£8.00

OAK104Goblin Champions£8.00

GOBLIN(NS)1Goblin Banner & Shields 1£5.00

GOBLIN(NS)2Goblin Banner & Shields 2£5.00

Humans - Humans

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

OAKP401Oathmark Human Infantry£25.00

HUMAN(NS)1Human Banners£5.00

OAK107Human King, Wizard and Musician£8.00

OAK108Human Champions£8.00