Renedra Plastic Accessories (54 products found)

Plastic Bases - Plastic Figures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BASE1Mixed Plastic Bases I£4.50

BASE2Mixed Cavalry Bases£4.50

BASE3Mixed Plastic Bases£4.50

BASE420mm Square Plastic Bases£3.00

BASE540mm Square Bases£3.00

BASE6Mixed Plastic Bases IV£4.50

BASE725mm Round Bases£3.00

BASE8Cavalry Bases£3.00

BASE940mm Round Bases£3.00

BASE1250mm Round Bases£3.00

BASE1325mm by 25mm Plastic Bases£3.00

STONEFLOORStone Floor Bases£4.00

20x20paved20mm Square Paved Effect Plastic Bases£4.00

60 DIA PAVED60mm Diameter Paved Effect Bases£4.00

50 DIA PAVED50mm Diameter Paved Effect Bases£4.00

BASE1550mm x 100mm Plastic Bases£3.00

BASE1760mm x 30mm Plastic Bases £3.50

BASE1420mm round bases£3.50

MV TRY100mm x 80mm Movement Trays£3.50

BASE1650mm x 50mm Bases£3.00

Plastic Terrain and Accessories - Plastic Figures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

FENCESPlastic Fences£7.00

PontoonWooden Pontoon Bridge£8.00

SAXTENTSaxon Tents£7.00

WATFENCEWattle Fencing £10.00

PALFENCEPalisade Fencing£4.50

RENACWeather Board American Church, 1750 - Modern Day£18.00

PICKETFENCEPicket Fences£4.00

WORMFENCEWorm Fences£4.50

BARFENCEBar Fences£4.00

MUDBHMud Brick House£16.00

RN21Accessory pack for Mud Brick House£4.50

XFENCE STONECross &Rail Fencing with Stone Bases£10.00

RUINSaStone Ruin 1£5.00

RUINSbStone Ruins 2£5.00

RUINScStone Ruins 3£5.00

GRAVESGrave Stones (plastic)£8.00

RUINSdStone Ruins 4£5.00

RAMBARNRamshackle Barn£18.00

RNWALLWall Section£11.00

Barrels2Small Barrels£1.00

Barrels3Large Barrels£2.00

RNRTRenedra Tower£36.00

GRAVES2American Style Gravestones (A) £6.00

GRAVES3American Style Gravestones (B)£6.00

RNRAILINGRenedra Railings with a Gate £10.00

RnbreachBreached Wall Section£11.00

RBB1North American Cabin or Farmhouse 1750-1900£17.00

RBB2American General Store£17.00

BARRELSPlastic Barrels£3.00

GABIONSPlastic Gabions (Double pack)£8.00


TENTSPlastic Tents£8.00

RBB3Medieval Cottage 1300-1700 AD £18.00