WGZ-START-01 - PROJECT Z - The Zombie Miniatures Game

Fight to survive in the abandoned streets of a post-apocalyptic world infested by unnatural creatures hungry for your flesh. Scavenge for scarce supplies whilst battling against the dead and the living alike; there are no laws, there are no rules, only the fight.

Project Z is a skirmish wargame for 1 to 3 players taking control of Survivors or a Street Gang fighting to survive against the environment and an ever-growing horde of Zombies. Project Z is a fast and easy to learn game containing 39 detailed self-assembly plastic models, rules, counters and specially designed dice and cards.

The starter set contains:

Please note - Foam insert is only included when "Project Z - The Zombie Miniatures Game plus Foam insert" is selected in the product selection menu.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

PROJECT Z - The Zombie Miniatures Game

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