BP-WI358 - Wargames Illustrated 358

OBSERVATION POST New and upcoming releases in the wargames world.
THEME: the dunkirk races Our introduction to this month’s theme, with a focus on the forces involved.
broken legions: the cthulhu campaigns Exclusive content from Mark Latham which blends his Broken Legions rules with another of his offerings from Osprey.
THEME: BATTLE on the escaut: keeping disaster at bay A look at events during the invasion of France 1940, with some thoughts on gaming one of the initial battles.
fighting talk: building better scenarios Jay White shares some of his experiences and ideas for creating scenarios.
THEME: fighting dunkirk using bolt action Dom Sore has some expert advice for gamers looking to recreate the actions, before, during and after the Dunkirk evacuation of 1940, using Bolt Action.
how to... build a european farm Paul Davies takes his inspiration from La Haye Sainte to show us how to make a tabletop farmhouse.
THEME: the cassel rearguard Two scenarios, centred around our theme, which present players with the opportunity to turn the tide in the battle for France.
a larger lion rampant Dave Tuck and Malc Johnston present their ideas for moving Lion Rampant from skirmish to mass battle level. Incorporating sieges along the way.
“lock the door lariston” Model maker Nick Buxey shares some ideas for constructing the sort of building found on the EnglishScottish border.
show report: legionary A little show with big fans, we take a look around Legionary 2017.
lost giants of the congo When scientists from the Societé Géographiqué discover a ‘lost’ plateau in Africa, a new ‘adventure’ awaits for players of Congo.
Making Fort Mosquito We take a look at this top award winning game from Salute 2017 .
figure spotlight: beyond dunkirk Our figure spotlight this month focuses on the range of figures available for fighting the ‘what if’ German invasion of Britain 1940 (AKA Operation Sea Lion).
base, we have a problem How to base your figures for both single and multi-based games.
The wars of James II. Part 1 Simon MacDowall begins a series of articles extolling the virtues of gaming during the reign of James II of England, VII of Scotland.
moving perry crusaders towards the third crusade Inspired by last month’s theme, Shawn Welte provides some great ideas for converting ‘early’ Perry crusader figures into ‘late’. rules showcase: blood and plunder Hoist the Jolly Roger and prepare to set sail in this Rules Showcase for the new Pirate skirmish wargame from Firelock Games. 

Wargames Illustrated 358

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