FGVP04b - Special Plastic Barbarian Frame.

What's so special about this frame of plastic Frostgrave barbarians?

This offer includes a single frame of Frostgrave Barbarians, the same one you'd find in the box set Frostgrave Barbarians. The frame allows you to build up 5 different figures, with loads and loads of arm, head and weapon options.

What this deal gives you is an extra exclusive item, a metal head and a metal mace not normally for sale. They were designed so you could make the Barbarian illustrated on the cover of the Frostgrave Folio. This is a very limited offer, first come, first served.

We'll also include 5 round bases for the figures.

28mm sized figures, supplied unbuilt and unpainted.




Special Plastic Barbarian Frame.

Our Price: £6.50

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