RUL-07 - Armies of By Fire and Sword

This high quality hardback book provides essential history, scenarios and army lists on all your favourite armies for your games of By Fire and Sword. Concentrating on army construction and development to allow you to make your army even more detailed and attractive. The book introduces two new factions, the Royal City of Gdansk and the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia. Both armies offer tactical possibilities that are completely different from those that you are used to.

The book covers two new army lists of Gdansk and Courland forces, as well as another 19 new skirmish forces, 18 new divisions and 26 historical commanders. This allows you to really work on the organizational structure of these new regiments and make your armies as beautiful and realistic as possible. The perfect addition to your collection.

Armies of By Fire and Sword

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