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THEME: You say you want a Revolution
Mitch Reed takes a look at the opportunities for tabletop gaming in a time of
Revolution. To the barricades!
We met up with rules writing ace Andy Chambers to try out these new WW2 air
combat rules coming soon from Warlord Games.
Whether you are inclined towards calling it a ‘Revolution’ or a ‘War of
Independence’, AWI/AR/RW enthusiast Steve Jones would like to provide you
with a brief guide to gaming the AWI.
Historicon 2017
Our annual round-up of the action at one of the biggest and best conventions
on the US scene.
THEME: the wars of james iI part 3
The penultimate part of our series on James II takes a look at the revolutionary actions of those who
would seek to overthrow the king.
designer’s notes: Forager
Everything you need to know about this characterful Napoleonic era skirmish game from the team at
Stand To! Games.
We turn our attention to the French Revolutionary Wars now as Colin Ashton and David Bickley tell us
about their inaugural Big-Ash Bash.
Dan Mersey adds a number of new lists for using North European Bronze Age armies in games using
his Dragon Rampant rules from Osprey.
THEME: so you want to fight the russian revolutions?
In the month of its centenary, Dom Sore provides an insight into the gaming possibilities provided
by the Russian Revolution of 1917.
company profile: sarissa
We visited these masters of MDF to find out more about the processes they use and their range
of products.
THEME: animal farm II - Snowball’s return
Featured at Salute 2017, this game by the Sons of Simon de Montfort club expands upon Orwell’s classic
novel and adds a whole new, unique aspect to the story.
cambrai at partizan
We take a look at this excellent display game from the show earlier this year, with some additional
insight into the creation of the tabletop set up.
modelling tricks and tips: explosions
No game is complete without the odd explosion, so here’s how you can make yours look particularly
good during your gaming.

Wargames Illustrated 360

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