OTT-19 - Turkish Garrison of Raszkow in 1674

In the autumn of 1674, combined Polish-Lithuanian forces under the command of Jan III Sobieski himself, mounted an offensive against right-bank of the Ukraine. Numerous towns and fortresses were captured. In early December a strong Polish force reached Raszków which was held by the Turks. The Turkish defence was under the commander Jusuf Pasha who was known to the Poles from the Battle of Ladyzhyn in 1672. He had 1500 soldiers mainly janissaries and sipahi. The Turks fought stubbornly and Jusuf Pasha, with part of his garrison, barricaded themselves in a fortified monastery. Then using the confusion of the battle the Turks mounted a surprising counterattack of several hundred horsemen and broke through the Polish besiegers. The withdrawing Turks slipped away from the Polish pursuit and arrived safely at Tehini taking numerous jasyr along the way.

This set allows you to field full-strength skirmish set published in "Armies of By Fire and Sword Volume I".


Please note: Miniatures come unpainted and some assembly may be required.

Turkish Garrison of Raszkow in 1674

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