SWE-06 - Mercenary Infantry

Mostly Germans were enlisted into mercenary infantry regiments, but there were also some units made up of Scots, Poles and Lithuanians. Usually musketeers made up 2/3 of a regiment and 1/3 unarmored pikemen. Unit size and composition varied depending on the contract signed between the regiment’s colonel and the Swedish military authorities. 

Set include 41 foot models and 1 regimental cannon:

1 x captain
1 x standardbearer
1 x drummer
24 x musketeers
12 x pikemens
2 x artileryman
1 x regimental cannon
1 x papier banner
1 x metal stands 4 x 4 cm
1 x metal stands 3 x 4 cm
12 x metal stands 2cm x 4 cm
4 x set of pikes

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Mercenary Infantry

Our Price: £22.00