OATH3 - Pre-order Dwarf Army

A five boxes of Dwarves pre-order deal.

Buy the Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age Dwarf Infantry box sets in our pre-order deal and get them for £100 rather than £125.

As part of the deal, we'll include all six metal Dwarves FREE. This includes King Kimball, Wizard Ware, Heretoga the Horn and the three champions Achwellan, Ordway and Scand Scandson.

And you will also get a model of Dwarf Champion, Halwende the Hammer. This is a special model, designed as a maquette for Oathmark so will never be on sale, he will only be available with special offers.

All figures are 28mm sized and supplied unpainted. Deal contains 150 plastic Dwarves and 7 metal Dwarves.

Pre-Order Offers end 23rd October.

Pre-order Dwarf Army

Our Price was: £144.00
Special Offer price!: £100.00

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