TCW030 - Miles Landers

Miles Landers, private detective, is strikingly tall and menacing. Always watching, he is a conduit for information and gossip and can be seen at the local cop clubs, speakeasies or in the company of many a young lady associated with a local thug! Originally from New York, Landers spent a brief time as a cop after serving in the First World War but he was suited to neither path and struck out on his own in a new life in a new city. His talents lie is knowing things and finding out things that other want to know and there are a lot of folks in Chicago that find use for his talents. This is Landers' trade, rather than getting involved in a stand up fight, though he can mix it up a little if needs be.

Miles Landers may be hired by any faction in The Chicago Way and a profile card is included for him. He may also be used as a civilian model. A seperate card is included if players wish to use him this way, detailing how his actions differ depending on whether he is controlled by one faction or another.

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