NSDeal5 - Anaconda Level Nickstarter Deal

Anaconda Level deal in the Snake-men Nickstarter.

If you want everything for Frostgrave; Ghost Archipelago, this is the deal for you. The deal includes:
The Rulebook Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago,
The supplement Lost Colossus,
The Accessory Pack,
The novel Lost Isles,
A box of plastic Crewmen,
A box of plastic Snakemen,
10 metal Heritors,
10 metal Wardens,
14 metal special Crewmen,
15 metal and resin Beasties
14 metal Snakemen.

Plus you'll get 3 metal models from the original Ghost Archipelago Nickstarter (Snakeman, Tribal and Drichean) free, the 5 treasure tokens free and 5 20-sided dice free!  You also get a free extra frame of Crewmen.

28mm sized plastic and metal figures. Supplied unpainted. Glue is required to assemble the plastic figures.

Buying an Anaconda Level Deal qualifies you for all Nickstarter rewards.

Anaconda Level Nickstarter Deal

Our Price was: £377.46
Special Offer price!: £315.00

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