NSDeal3 - Mamba Level Nickstarter Deal.

Mamba Level deal in the Snake-men Nickstarter.

You get one box of plastic Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago Snake-men: The Snake-men box set set gives you twenty multi-part Snake-men. The set gives you plenty of weapon options to make many different Snake-men warriors, and the option to make a Snake-man Crew for your Heritor to explore the Ghost Archipelago.
You get fourteen different metal Snake-men:
Pearl Diver & Guide
Tomb Robber & Scout
Freebooter & Mercenary
Savage & Hunter
Crackshot & Herbalist
Heritor I & Heritor II
Warden I & Warden II
You get the new monsters:
The Hemata,
The Island Troll,
The Ancient Guardian
The Gorgon.
And you get the two new Crewmen:
Bosun and Topman.

Buying a Mamba Level Nickstarter deal qualifies you for all Nickstarter rewards.

28mm sized plastic and metal figures. Supplied unpainted. Glue is required to assemble the plastic figures.

Note, the deal does NOT include the book 'Lost Colossus'.

Mamba Level Nickstarter Deal.

Our Price was: £106.00
Special Offer price!: £91.00

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