BP-WI371 - Wargames Illustrated 371

A special look at what we ‘Spotted At’ Historicon 2018.
THEME: carry on campaigning
Pete Brown is back, with some thoughts on running a Wargames campaign
designer’s notes: 7tv apocalypse
Co-author and Sub-Editor Wayne shares some of the decisions and ideas behind this
stand-alone rules system coming soon from Crooked Dice Game Design Studio
THEME: the diamonds of elias skull
Joe McCullough presents an exclusive mini-campaign for his Ghost Archipelago rules
from Osprey Games.
crete 1941 - part two
Following on from last month’s introduction, James Morris offers four scenarios
for gaming during the World War Two Battle for Crete.
THEME: Computer Campaigning
Colonel (Retired) Bill Gray shares some thoughts on the running of campaigns
and realities of campaign gaming using computers.
Designer’s SHOWCASE: Black Powder II
Rick Priestley explains the main changes made to this extremely popular games
system and the upcoming re-vamp.
THEME: campaigning the Perry way
Alan Perry takes us through a typical Perry Campaign Season, taking in two different campaigns played
with his chums.
La Gorgue Airfield
Having won an award at Partizan 2018 for Best Demo Game, we caught up with Dave Andrews and Aly
Morrison to find out more about this game.
THEME: Seelowe!
Pete Brown discusses how to use works of fiction as a framework for your campaigns. He uses
‘Operation Sealion’ (a wargaming classic!) as an example.
“Liston very carefully I shall say zis only once” - Mike Wilkins introduces us to his quirky Bolt Action
tournament force.
reimagining the crusades - part two: formations
Dr. Steve Tibble continues this fascinating series with a look at Crusade battle formations and how they
could be applied on the tabletop.
SHOW REPORT: historicon 2018
Our man in the States, Dave Taylor, takes us on a tour of some of the best tables at this massive US
Just who or what are the Virai, and why is their presence in the Gates of Antares universe such a
potential game changer? Nick Simmerson takes a closer look.
Rupert Mitchell presents the second part of his article on gaming with plastic soldiers, this time looking
at what’s out there for the 54mm gamer.

Wargames Illustrated 371

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