ANC30007 - Alexandrian Macedonian 355BC-320BC

This represents the army of Philip II (355BC-336BC), Alexander the Great (336BC-329BC) and the regent Antipater (334BC-320BC). The bulk of the infantry was formed into the phalanx, armed with the deadly sarissa, which was used to pin the enemy to the front whilst the Companion cavalry delivered the decisive blow from the flanks. The army was highly mobile employing well-trained light infantry. This boxed set provides you with a 'full option' Alexandrian Macedonian 355BC-320BC DBA army. Contents: 1 Command (General), 5 Cavalry, 2 Light Cavalry, 24 Pikemen (Heavy Infantry), 4 Hoplites (Heavy Infantry), 8 Peltasts (Loose Order Infantry), 4 Psiloi (Skirmishers) & 1 Artillery piece with 2 crew. Please note, box does not include spears

Alexandrian Macedonian 355BC-320BC

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