ANC30012 - Kappadokian 330BC-322BC & 300BC-17AD

Persian noble Ariarathes took control of Kappadokia after the fall of the Achaemenids, however, he was later defeated and killed by Perdikkas in 322BC. His son regained the kingdom in 300BC until, under a later successor, it became a Roman Province in 17AD. Kappadokians wore a distinctive tiara, which was stitched on top to form three ridges with the cheek pieces tied behind the head. This boxed set provides you with a 'full option' Ariarathid Kappadokian 330BC-322BC & 300BC-17AD DBA army. Contents: 3 Command (General & Nobles), 6 Cavalry, 4 Light Cavalry, 15 Peltasts (Loose Order Infantry) & 4 Psiloi (Skirmishers). Please note, box does not include spears

Kappadokian 330BC-322BC & 300BC-17AD

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