ANC30013 - Phokian Army 450BC-275BC

The Phokian army became a powerful force in Greece during the Sacred War of the 350’s. They were able to hire large quantities of mercenaries paid for by the plundered sacred treasures of Apollo’s sanctuary at Delphi. Famously the army, under Onomarchos, defeated Philip II in 353BC by concealing a large battery of stone-throwers behind a hill that “surprised” the phalanx and, in combination with a well-timed counter attack, drove the Macedonians from the field. This boxed set provides you with a 'full option' Phokian 450BC-275BC DBA army. Contents: 2 Command (General & Musician), 3 Cavalry, 6 Hoplites (Heavy Infantry), 16 Peltasts (Loose Order Infantry), 10 Psiloi (Skirmishers) & 2 Artillery pieces with 8 crew. Please note, box does not include spears

Phokian Army 450BC-275BC

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