T-Eq01 - Ladder-Sided Waggon (inc team of 4 Horses)

Our waggons are based on Dutch Waggons hired/ comandeered by the British Army in 1799, as illustrated by D. Langendijik. For anyone not a member of Barry Hilton's "Fashion Police" they are generic waggons from approximately Landsknects to Landsers. (Thats Renaissance till Wold War II).
[Historical note: Unlike the later Germans with regard to Dutch bicycles, the British did leave the carts behind when they evacuated - so hopefully I'll still be welcome at Murphy's Heroes in Delft!]

This is a metal kit for 28mm sized figures, supplied unbuilt and un painted. Glue is required to assemble it.

Putting The Horse Before The Cart

Trent Minis cart and cart horses are shall we say a bit more substantial than many. Our cart horses may be a bit pricier, but they do have a bit more horsepower too - definately no Shetland Pony genes in our beasts.
Our carts come with four sturdy horses. Recently however one of our regular customers pointed out that they look even more amazing with SIX horses pulling away - quite feasible with extra heavy loads or on particularly bad roads.

An army marches on its stomach, so we definatley don't want your supply trains to get bogged down! So, for the remainder of August we're offering a free pair of cart horses (usually £6.50) with every cart purchased. Six horses rather than four.


Ladder-Sided Waggon (inc team of 4 Horses)

Our Price was: £26.50
Special Offer price!: £20.00