BP1329 - Brigadier 38

1938 A Very British Civil War has built a considerable fan base dedicated to researching and gaming this world of an alternative 1930‘s For the first time we have produced a specific set of rules for the period. These are aimed at creating large multi- player battles while retaining the charm and character that has made this project endearing to many wargamers Now with a group of friends, a good curry and a few pints, you have a fast play set of rules that will allow you to storm the defences of Liverpool, raid over the border or lead gallant cavalry charges in the Severn valley.
Brigadier 38 as the name implies gives each commander a brigade, where a company is 10 figures, and a battalion of 30-60. The rules cover- orders, movement, firing, morale and melee, along with a points guide to provide suitable forces for battles and scenarios

Brigadier 38

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