FW901 - Tour of Duty

The struggle which defined a generation, the Vietnam War was one of the longest and most bitter conflicts since the Second World War. Battles were fought on all scales - from small squadron level guerilla fighting amongst the jungle trails to large scale battles which saw tanks, aircraft and artillery combine with massed infantry assaults upon key positions.

While the Free World had the advantage of resources and technology, the Nationalists knew their land and exactly how to use it - employing the use of booby-traps, ambushes, and tunnel networks which would allow them to appear and disappear in the blink of an eye.

This new 132 page Softback Sourcebook allows players to recreate some of the iconic battles of the Vietnam War on the tabletop in 15mm scale. Specifically outlined is the Battle of Ia Drang, the fighting in the Iron Triangle, the Battle of the Fire Base Coral, and Operation Lam Son 719.

In full-colour, this book icontains an informative history of the conflict overall and each specific battle, it is packed with full-colour artwork, illustrations and maps as well as Army Lists for US, PAVN, ANZAC and ARVN forces.

The Army Lists contained within Tour of Duty are as follows;

- US Airmobile Company
- US Mechanised Company
- US Rifle Company
- US Air Cavalry
- US Armoured Cavalry
- US Tank Company

- Australian Tank Squadron
- Australian Cavalry Squadron
- Australian Rifle Company

- New Zealand Rifle Company

- ARVN Combat Car Squadron
- ARVN Armoured Cavalry Squadron
- ARVN Rifle Company

Tour of Duty is a 132 page Softback Sourcebook for Flames of War. Please note that this is a supplimental Sourcebook, and a copy of the Flames of War Core Rulebook is required to make full use of this product.

Tour of Duty

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