IHMN107 - Prince of Wales' Extraordinary Company

This Company is a unit, based in the barracks at Horseguards’ Parade, London which has been formed as a quick
reaction force to deal with the more “unusual” events occurring across the Empire. Its members are drawn from
across the British Army’s many and diverse regiments. They are well equipped with “normal” weapons and
armour but tend not to have access to the more exotic recent inventions as these take forever to gain Ordnance
Board approval. The Company is currently commanded by a very promising young officer, Captain Charles
Napier. He will often lead Sections of the Company into battle personally.

The bold Captain’s normal outfit is himself, Sgt John Borrage, Dr James Wilson, Sapper Jones and a group of

Contains Eleven figures.
The figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted. Examples here painted by Dave Woodward.


Prince of Wales' Extraordinary Company

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