BP1030 - Napoleonic Principles of War

Warfare for the period 1791- 1815. All major French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars Campaigns and Nationalities covered. The Principles of War rules are designed to cover warfare from the beginning of the French Revolution to the fall of Napoleon in 1815.

The period started with warfare being the sport of kings with small professional armies using the linear tactics epitomized in the wars of Frederick the Great of Prussia. With the French Revolution this changed to a war of conscript armies involving the whole population. These large armies required new methods of manoeuvre and deployment which were found in the writings of French 18th Century military writers. This new system used columns to manoeuvre and allowed armies to deploy much later than previously, thereby giving them more flexibility.

The rules have a simple mechanism emphasising officers' command and control. This is to represent the problems of commanding troops in battle which confronted generals, rather than how many casualties each unit was taking at each stage of the battle. These rules have been designed for large scale conflicts with each unit representing a regiment or brigade.

The 2nd Edition rules include the following sub-periods:-

Revolutionary Period 1791 - 1804
French High Tide 1805 - 1808
Neaplotitan Rebellion
British Expedition to Denmark 1807
German Campaign 1809
The Spanish Ulcer
Russian Campaign 1812
Decline & Fall 1813 - 1814
The Hundred days Campaign 1815
Eastern Campaigns

Napoleonic Principles of War

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