BP1059 - Principles of War (19th Century)

Miniature Wargames rules for the period 1820-1922. 2nd Edition revised and improved rules after many years of play testing. From Smoothbore to Repeat Rifle and Machine Gun. The game mechanism is flexible to cope with the changes of weaponry and tactics for European, American and Colonial conflicts. The rulebook contains army list for European Conflicts.
The rules have a simple mechanism emphasising officers' command and control. This is to represent the problems of commanding troops in battle which confronted generals, rather than how many casualties each unit was taking at each stage of the battle. These rules have been designed for large scale conflicts with each unit representing a regiment or battalion.

These wargames rules are ideal for 6mm, 10mm and 15mm miniatures, rule modifications are provided for 25mm.

Principles of War (19th Century)

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