The Roman Century was the smallest fighting unit within the Legion, comprised of about 80 men. It was commanded by a Centurion. Two Centuries made a ‘Maniple’ (literally ‘handful’), the smallest tactical unit within the army, with a ‘Prior’ or senior Centurion and a ‘Posterior’ or secondary Centurion. It is not known for sure whether the early Legion Maniples had banners and musicians as the later Imperial Legions did. They may have deployed with the Triarii at the back of the army – ancient sources say that the Hastati and Principes deployed ‘antesignani’ or ‘before the standards’. We do know that Vexillia were used to signal; a Vexillum was a square of (probably) red material attached to a pole.

This set comprises 4 highly detailed metal 28mm figures – 2 Centurions to command your Maniples, as well as a Vexillum carrier, and a Cornu player.


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