1-205690 - GREAT BATTLES: The Napoleonic Wars

This napoleonic game from Crusader Publishing was only available as a PDF download, OMM in the USA have printed off a very limited number of them, and we have a small amount in stock for a limited time. Buy it now.

Great Battles are a set of wargame rules that utilise hexes to regulate movement, firing, ranges, line of sight as well as charge and firing arcs. Battles are fought over a mat or tiles with 2-inch hexes and the game mechanics allow for large numbers of units to be represented, each by a single stand of infantry, cavalry or artillery.

The 44-page full color rulebook contains troop listings for all of the major Napoleonic armies and a sample order of battle for Dennewitz' including all of the unit labels. Soft cover, 1 vol, 44 pgs

GREAT BATTLES: The Napoleonic Wars

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