28S-CAW-101 - Stagecoach

28S-CAW-101 this is a Ď28Standardí 4Ground model kit, Ď28Sí means this kit is highly detailed inside and outside with many pre-painted parts.

This stagecoach is of the design of many express companies from the 1850s onward and is in the colours of the Wells, Fargo & Company express service and is detailed inside and out. These stagecoaches ran the perilous routes in the west getting mail, goods and gold to cities and bringing the money back to boom towns like Dead Manís Hand.

With the increasing growth of the town of Dead Manís Hand, Wells, Fargo & Company set up an express route into the town as part of the famed ĎPony Expressí. Wells, Fargo & Company agencies in towns just like Dead Manís Hand offered basic financial services like money orders, travelers checks, and transfer of funds by telegraph. Always, though, wherever there was mining, from Alaska to Arizona, Wells, Fargo & Company guarded the gold. With these increasingly valuable cargos these stages were heavily guarded to deter the predations of bandits and the road agents that prey on the weak outside of town.


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