FW305 - Barbarossa


The German invasion of the Soviet Union began on the 22nd June 1941. While the Germans had the clear advantage in the early months of fighting they would occasionally run into tanks that were surprisingly resistant to their tank weapons. The T-34 medium tank and the KV heavy tank were to be instrumental in halting the seemingly unstoppable German warmachine.

The backbone of the German forces in this campaign were the Panzergruppen (armoured groups), heavily armoured but mobile forces that could deliver the lightning fast strikes that the Germans had perfected in the early years of the war.

The Soviet Union had by 1941 added a number of powerful, new medium and heavy tanks to their front-line mechanised corps. These T-34's and KV-2's added a much needed punch to the ranks of light T-26 tanks.

This book gives you all the background and rules you need to recreate the battles of this pivotal campaign of WWII.

This product is a 89 page soft back book


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