MGMA02-1 - Mars Attacks - Humaity Resists

The first wave of the invasion is over, and General Tor is determined to wipe all resistance from the streets of Greenville to make an example for the rest of humanity to see! The Martians are heavily reinforced with specialists and air support as they push forwards to grind humanity under their boots.
But the invaders aren’t having it all their own way. The mysterious Novas Vira have arrived to rally the survivors and help them in taking the fight back to the Martians, bringing exotic weaponry and equipment to even the balance.
With both sides bringing new weapons and tactics to the conflict, things can only get uglier!


This box contains everything you need to play, including:
1 Humanity Resists’ Rulebook, detailing:
new special rules
new characters and troops
new set of scenarios as the battle for Greenville continues.
1 Saucer Pilot Joe, exclusive to the Humanity Resists boxed set
5 pre-assembled plastic Stealth Martians including:
Unit Commander
Stealth Martian with Sniper Rifle
3 Stealth Martians with Disintegrator Pistols and Knives
5 pre-assembled plastic Martians Marines including:
Unit Commander
Marine with Rocket Launcher
3 Marines with Disintegrator Rifles
Clear plastic helmets
8 pre-assembled plastic Novas Vira miniatures including:
Agent Jack Falco
Agent Natalya El
Sonic Disruptor with Crewman
Heavy Weapons Team
4 Novas Vira Militia
1 Martian Attack Saucer
Heat Rays
Freeze Rays
Pilot Commander Option
Upgraded Comms Option
Clear plastic dome
1 Flatbed Truck
Civilian variant
Military variant
Models supplied unpainted.
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Mars Attacks - Humaity Resists

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