GBX76 - Panzergrenadier Platoon (FoW)

Panzergrenadier Platoon (GBX76)

includes four plastic Sd Kfz 251 Half-track sprues, four plastic Crew sprues, two plastic Panzergrenadier sprues, one Half-track decal sheet, one Small three-hole base, three Medium four-hole bases & three Medium five-hole bases.

The Panzergrenadier regiments are the assault infantry of the German armoured divisions and the Armoured (or Gepanzert) Panzergrenadiers are the hard spearhead of any infantry assault.

They are noted for their speed, mobility, and great firepower. Because they’re part of a Panzer Division they cooperate closely with the tanks of the Panzer Regiment.

Armed with two MG42 machine-guns for each squad the Panzergrenadier Platoon can unleash a substantial volume of firepower. Mounted in their armoured Sd Kfz 251/1 half-tracks they travel into battle. They can fight on foot or assault from their vehicles.

They do not fight according to linear and frontal principles, like the Grenadiers, but try and force their way through the lines into the rear of the enemy positions.

Panzergrenadier Platoon (FoW)

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