UBX41 - Armoured Rifle Platoon (FoW)

USA Armored Rifle Platoon (UBX41)

includes five plastic M3 Half-tracks sprues, five plastic Crew sprues, two plastic Infantry sprues, one Decal sheet, one Small three-hole base, five Small two-hole bases & eight Medium four-hole bases.

Dismounting from their M3 half-track, the armoured infantry lay down a withering fire with their machine guns, mortar, semi-automatic Garand rifles, and bazookas.

Each armoured rifle platoon is an army unto itself. It supports its infantry with heavy weapons such as the excellent 60mm mortar and the M1919 light machine-gun. These will guarantee that your troops will not only make it to their objective, but also hold it against enemy counterattacks.

Armoured Rifle Platoon (FoW)

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