10S-JUZ-111 - District XXII Monorail Station

10S-JUZ-111 is a “10Standard” 4Ground model kit with high detail and pre-painted parts.

In all large Urban Zones, the transportation of the masses and the goods and materials required to sustain them, have always come across the same issues and these have always been handled in very much the same way; centralised transportation hubs with feeder lines and sub stations.

Each urban zone has its main pan district, arterial transportation system, usually this is raised above any local ward transportation routes, and often such a pan district arterial system is in the form of either an under hung or a top perched monorail system. In the urban zone of Hellas-Jesserai a top perched grav-lock monorail is used.

By default the masses tend to be the less influential, be that politically or economically and as such their modes of travel tend to be utilitarian rather than pleasurable. In times of strife, civil unrest and war, such transportation systems are of key importance, it is no coincidence that peace keeper ward stations are always in close proximity to local ward monorail stations. If a district has companies from a peace maker regiment barracked within its wards these barrack blocks will always be situated close by a monorail station.

This kit contains District XXII Monorail Station

This building have a footprint of 42 square inches.

This is a 10mm Scale model kit, it is supplied with pre-painted parts but requires assembly.

The Miniatures in these photos are shown for scale purposes only, they are by Hawk Wargames and not included

District XXII Monorail Station

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