WRZ-CYB-12 - Exterminateur Attila MK.I

Exterminateur Attila MK.I

Exterminateur Atilla MK.1 is an iconic part Cybertronic Faction in the Warzone Resurrection tabletop miniature game.

Many would say that the core of the Cybertronic armed forces is the Exterminateur Atilla MK.1; A huge hulking machine of death. Having a few of these robots leading your forces in to battle will help to soften up most of the opposition so that a clean up is all that is needed to secure you a win.

Standing an impressive 12 feet tall this Hulking Behemoth is not limited to one tactic programming. A simple yet robust logaritham enables this machine to think for its self, effectively artificial intelligence. This is a major step for the Cybertronic Corps, moving them further away from humanity.


1 x 32mm Multipart Resin model

6 x Cards

1 x 50mm Base

Please note: This model comes unpainted and some assembly may be required

Exterminateur Attila MK.I

Our Price: £14.99

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