WRZ-CAP-12 - Free Marines

Free Marines

From the Mutant Chronicles universe for Warzone: Resurrection comes the Free Marines unit. Pretty much the Penal Battalion of the Capitol forces the Free Marines consists of military convicts that would otherwise seen the firing squads, each and everyone is given the chance to atone for their sins by completing five tours with the Free Marines. Combat ready to be sent right into the thick of battle with a multitude of cool wargear to do the right job and help them survive anything the enemy can throw at them. This includes an awesome looking rocket launcher to blow holes in the larger opponents tanks and high armoured units, increasing to a large amount of ground force infantry to choose from for the Capitol forces and is a great addition for any Imperials army and all your Warzone: Resurrection games.

Warzone Resurrection is set in a diesel punk future, where space faring humans has gone beyond Pluto and unearthed ancient alien artefacts during their explorations. This has unleashed a terrible dark force known as the Dark Soul, that now attacks earth with its magic force of Dark Symmetry and monstrous armies of undead and aliens that leave death and destruction in its wake. Humanities survivors now fight amongst themselves for the mega corporations that have taken over, who have colonized the inner planets of the solar system. Everyday they must fight to survive, while ridding the Earth of the evil forces of the Dark Soul.

This blister pack contains 5 highly detailed multipart 28mm resin Free Marine models, 6 cards and 5 30mm base.

Please note: These models come unpainted and some assembly may be required

Free Marines

Our Price: £12.99

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