MGMA03-1 - Mars Attacks Extermination

This box contains:
1 Extermination Rulebook, detailing:
new special rules
new characters and troops
new set of scenarios as the battle for Greenville continues.
Craig & Tunga, exclusive to the Humanity Resists boxed set
11 pre-assembled plastic Science Division Martians including:
Chief Surgeon Gorl & Wrex
Science Division Unit Commander
Science Division Engineer
Science Division Trooper with Heavy Blaster
6 Science Division Troopers
10 Clear plastic helmets
10 pre-assembled plastic Tiger Corps including:
General Jaret
4 Tiger Corps Bounty Hunters
4 pre-assembled plastic Giant Mutants miniatures including:
Giant Mutant Ant
Giant Mutant Spider
2 Science Division Handlers
2 Clear plastic helmets

Models supplied unpainted.

Requires a copy of Mars Attacks - The Miniatures Game to play.

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Mars Attacks Extermination

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