BP1199 - Broadsword Adventures

Savage Tales of Fantasy.

Imagine yourself as a mighty-thewed barbarian, raised in the hill country of Njorden or a loyal Captain of the Lion Guard of Ibyssia, or even a powerful sorcerer in the service of Mök. Broadsword Adventures transports you to the land of Tauren where ancient secrets lie buried in lost cities, powerful necromancers seek to enslave the kingdoms of men, and around every turn there is a chance become a hero of legend or suffer ignoble defeat.

Broadsword Adventures contains all the rules necessary to play the game as well as more than two dozen archetypes to build characters, a section on designing your own scenarios, a campaign system so your characters can advance as they adventure, and five complete scenarios so that you can start playing right away.

The archetypes presented are detailed enough to make them different from one another, but generic enough that you can use these rules to fit any world you want to game in; from your own custom-designed lands to an already established setting.

Whether you want to play this as a miniatures game, a board game, or a light roleplaying game, the mechanics are easy enough and flexible enough to suit your needs.

So sharpen your blade and don your armor as you prepare for Broadsword Adventures!

124 Pages

Broadsword Adventures

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