AP-WP8012 - Zombicide - Zombie Paint Set

Army Painter - Warpaints Zombicide Core Zombie Set

Zombicide fans rejoice! This is the ultimate paint set for ANY type of zombie. It includes carefully researched colour tones to reflect the human anatomy in a decomposed state. With colours like “Brainmatter Beige” and Crusted Sore” and worse, The Army Painter team has had a nasty job researching the right tones. We researched these – so you don’t have to!

The paint set includes 8 new Warpaint tones + a brand new Quickshade Ink tone - for a total of 10 Warpaints.

The Colours :)

Zombie Shader
Glistening Blood
Crusted Sore
Dirt Splatter
Brainmatter Beige
Zombie Skin
Filthy Suit
Dead Black
Wasted Jeans
Mouldy Clothes

It also includes a FREE brush to get you started.

Zombicide - Zombie Paint Set

Our Price: £19.99

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