28S-JES-106 - Tower Control Module

At first a township will use basic aerial control from a converted primary hab building, but as soon as the township starts installing vertipads they start looking toward buying and building a Tower Control Module or TCM. These buildings often contain a laser optical communication uplink used to give constant updated data to ships in low orbit and to allow point to point encrypted communication. They also tend to have enclosed observation platforms that can be used for direct observation if there is any issue with the automatic systems.

In smaller townships a TCM is often used as the township hub with the administrator or mayor working out of the building. When the town is threatened a TCM is often used as an operations base and is often the first target of any raid hoping that they can stop the township contacting any peace maker or peace keeper force for reinforcements.

This kit has opening and closing doors and hatches (including the store room sliding door) and has a single magnetic force door (made of acetate).

Tower Control Module

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