WI343 - Wargames Illustrated 343

THEME: SOLDIERS OF THE EMPRESS So, you want to field a force to support Matilda in her quest for the throne back in the 12th Century? Then this is the perfect article for you!

UP THE BEACHES Chris Townley from Battlefront Miniatures shows us how to paint Marine Amtanks for use in your Flames of War: Pacific Campaign games.

THEME: THE LAST CRUSADE In 14th Century Lithuania, the young Queen Jagwida found herself caught up in a bloody war as the Teutonic Knights brought fire and sword in the name of Christ. designers notes:

THE MEN WHO WOULD BE KING Dan Mersey provides an inside look at this upcoming game from Osprey and discusses his fundamental design philosophy, whilst lamenting the hard to pronounce acronym!

THEME: CHASING THE DRAGON The Second Opium War, not an opportunity to wipe out drug abuse but a 19th Century war to ensure its usage in China - Pete Brown provides the details.

RULES SHOWCASE: SHARP PRACTICE An impressionistic take on a re-vamped set of rules played under the guidance of Mr. Richard Clarke, gamesmaster extraordinaire.

THEME: CHASTISEMENT OF THE UTMAN KHELS In 1852, the British Empire in India could no longer tolerate the actions of one of the Afghan tribes - something had to be done, so Victoria’s warriors marched to war!

BUILDING OLD WORLDS Dave Taylor discusses the creation of his Salute 2016 boards for Infamy Miniatures.

THEME: VICTORIA’S SOLDIERS Over the course of her 63 year reign, Queen Victoria’s army had to change and adapt it’s uniforms and equipment to the demands of a sprawling global Empire.We take a look at who those changes are reflected in miniature. so you want to be a successful crusader? This Suggestions on how to play (and maybe win!) at Soldiers of God.

TACTICA 2016 This visual spectacle of a show in Hamburg, Germany should be at the top of everyone’s list to visit - see why in this photograph heavy feature.

RULES SHOWCASE: LIVING ON THE FRONTLINE We take an in-depth look at these new skirmish rules themed around the Winter of ’79 setting, but suitable for any modern era game.

THE ESSEX GAMESTERS VIETNAM TABLE The Essex Gamesters provide us with exclusive access to their Salute 2016 game.

A TOUR OF THE NEW BATTLEFRONT FACTORY Having relocated too larger premises, the Battlefront Malaysia Team provides an insight into their new facilities.

CLUB FOCUS: THE WB3D GAMERS Neil Smith takes us on a journey around his local club in Whitley Bay, England.

WACHT AM RHEIN Warwick Kinrade, author of this latest supplement to the Battlegroup WW2 rules, discusses what players can find within this this Battle of the Bulge supplement.

Wargames Illustrated 343

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