Shield2 - Thureos Shield

The oval shield - called a 'Thureos' from the Greek word for a door-stop (the Greeks used oval shaped weights to prop their doors, hence the oval shield being called a 'door-stop'.) It seems to have been copied from the Galatians who invaded Greece and the Balkans during the 3rd Century BC. Designed to be lighter than the Hoplon and give better coverage to the torso, it was heavily used by all the Successor States and those heavily influenced by Hellenic Culture (such as the Carthaginians). The shield in typical Greek style gave it's name to a whole type of soldier - the 'Thureophoroi' who were the archetypal mercenary troop of the age.

We are selling the Agema Thureos shield in a pack so you can add it to your Agema figures for more variety.

10 shields per pack.

Thureos Shield

Our Price: £3.00

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