WI350 - Wargames Illustrated 350

OBSERVATION POST OP is a new regular monthly feature in which Henry Hyde (with a little help from his friends) takes a look at what’s new and impending in the wargaming world.
THEME: ROMAN CONQUEST OF BRITANNIA We begin our theme content with a classic(al) example of the art of colonialism, the Romanisation of a mysterious land full of tribal politics and pagan worship.
HORSE AND MUSKET BLITZKRIEG - part two Barry Hilton presents more on the Great Northern War, taking a closer look at the nations involved.
THEME: THE OLD TANGIERS 1670 King Charles II’s North African colony and the efforts taken to defend it from those who sought to oust the British presence, as presented by Pete Brown. two sides of the iron curtain The Battlefront studio present facts and ‘figures’ from their forthcoming Team Yankee German Intelligence Handbook: Volks Armee.
THEME: THE PIG WAR GOES HOT A war that could have been, with information and ideas for gaming the same by Dan Mersey for his The Men Who Would Be Kings rules.
club focus: MAIDSTONE wc A snapshot of the gaming life of the Maidstone Wargames Society, as taken by John Lambshead.
THEME: WARGAMING THE ANGLO-PEDI WARS Robert Giglio offers a decidedly different take on colonial-era Africa, with both the Boers and the British Empire taking turns to attempt to subjugate a tribal power. rules showcase: dinoproof A small press set of wargames rules about larger than life heroes taking on dinosaurs great and small.
THEME: THE BATTLE OF MESSIFRE 1925 Another different take on colonialism, this time recounting the tale of the French Foreign Legion versus the Druze Revolt during the interwar years. how to: build african huts Paul Davies shows us how to create typical African huts for use in a variety of colonial and native settings.
PROJECT SHOWCASE: demoing Team Yankee. A look at the ideas and modelling options behind this game created by Phil Lewis which has been seen at a number of shows since its debut at Salute this year.
‘BUT ISN’T IT ALL JUST SCI-FI?’ Kenneth James provides a personalized look at why Konflikt ’47 has been added to his gaming repertoire.
THE BARBARIAN GENTLEMAN A gloriously tongue-in-cheek examination of the reality of ‘barbarian’ life and attire during the time of the Romans. henry hyde’s battlegame Our new columnist and ex-Miniature Wargames editor Henry Hyde shares some of his thoughts on the social and sociable side of our hobby. THE 28TH MAORI BATTALION GREECE AND CRETE 1941 Arima Harwood looks at re-creating these redoubtable warriors of Aotearoa in two different scales and for his favourite two WW2 game systems.

Wargames Illustrated 350

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