GA-SET01 - Ruined Walls and Rock Pack.

This pack comprises of 22 x individual ruined wall sections - highly detailed resin castings and all pre-painted in brown/sandstone shades.  There are 12 sections of different length/height straight walls (4 ft in total length) and 10 sections of different height/shaped corner angles.  This substantial set of walls allows you to build corridors, building footprints etc and with the other packs in the range allow you to create the ultimate Archipelago layout for your gaming adventures.  The pack also contains 25 x rocks/boulders.  These all come in various brown/khaki shades with highlighting.  They can be used individually or placed and stacked together to form larger rock formations, ridges, caves, recesses, archways and tunnels.

Figure not included.

Ruined Walls and Rock Pack.

Our Price: £70.00