AASB05 - Frankish Warband (4pts)

SAGA Starter 4 Point Warband - Salian Franks.
Please note, this is the same Warband as the Merovingian Franks.

Contains Warlord, 8 Hearthguard, 16 Warriors. 25 figures in total.

All appropriate weapons and shields and a Renedra plastic base for each figure.

Figures supplied may vary from those illustrated (except the Warlord).

Rules for SAGA: Salian Franks may be found in SAGA: Aetius & Arthur but please note they use the Frank Battle Board in SAGA: Raven's Shadow - HOWEVER they are also perfect for Merovingian Franks from SAGA
:Raven's Shadow
so two Warbands in one!

Frankish Warband (4pts)

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