TUSAB3 - Ryan's Leathernecks

Ryan's Leathernecks Plastic Army Deal (TUSAB3)
Contains three plastic M60 Tanks, six plastic HMMVW utility vehicles, one tank commander sprue, one HMMVW crew sprue, one decal sheet, seven unit cards, one mini Team Yankeerulebook and one printed Assembly Guide booklet.

There was no warning missile contrail when Cunningham’s tank detonated, the turret flying off to the side and a boiling column of thick oily smoke marking a pyre for the tank crew. Schrader urged his driver to get into cover as he scanned around for the new player — that had been a tank killer round. The platoon net came to life as Captain Ryan broadcast the news that Soviet T-64’s had entered the battlefield.

Getting a kill shot on these Russian MBTs would need a flank shot. Schrader guided his driver down a narrow culvert until they were past the enemy, even as more M60’s died in fiery conflagrations. The powerful engine surged again as they climbed the slope, leveling out with the rear aspect of three enemy tanks presented. “Start on the left and work right. One round AP each. Engage!” In less than a minute the three enemy tanks were knocked out two in flames and one with hatches open and crew scattered around it.

“Semper Fi, Ivan”.

Ryan's Leathernecks

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