RU-280070 - Soviet T-26 Light Infantry Tank

The T-26 was a soviet light tank used through out the 1930's.  More than 11,000 tanks were made across 53 variants including flame-throwing tanks, combat engineer vehicles, remote controlled tanks, self-propelled guns, artillery tractors and armoured carriers.

Captured T-26's were used by the Finnish, German, Romanian and Hungarian armies.

At the beginning of WW2 the T-26 was the most numerous tank that the Soviets fielded.  Although almost obsolete at the beginning of the German invasion in 1941 the tank was continually used all the way until 1945 when they were used in Manchuria against the Japanese.

This kit can be made as one of ten variants:

T-26 model 1931 - T-26 model 1932 - T-26 model 1933 - T-26 model 1933RT - T-26 model 1938 - T-26 model 1938RT - T-26 model 1939 - KhT-26 - KhT-130 - KhT-133.

Soviet T-26 Light Infantry Tank

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