BP-FBF-S03 - Britain's Lost Opportunity: Villers-Bocage

Britain's Lost Opportunity: Villers-Bocage - scenario book for Fireball Forward

By Sean Barnett

You require the core Fireball Forward Rules to use this scenario book. 

These 12 historical scenarios have all been well-playtested and thoroughly researched. If you love Fireball Forward you'll enjoy hours of fun gaming with this book! The author is Sean Barnett who put his heart and soul into this Fireball release.

Here is the introduction to the book: It was an unfolding opportunity. Nearly a week after the D-day landings in Normandy, the Germans were faltering under Allied pressure. The British 7th Armoured Division moved south through a gap in German lines and turned east to the town of Villers-Bocage. They threatened to envelop the elite German Panzer Lehr Division anchoring the defenses of the important city of Caen. The Germans responded with the only reserve they had—the 101st SS Heavy Panzer Battalion, with its fearsome Tiger tanks and panzer ace, Michael Wittmann. As the British column passed through Villers-Bocage early on the morning of 13 June, Wittmann saw it and decided that his only option for saving the German position was to attack. Thus began one of the most daring feats in the history of armored warfare, as Wittmann single-handedly destroyed nearly 30 armored vehicles and left the British desperately hanging on in the town. German and British forces then commenced a bitter back and forth struggle for Villers-Bocage. German attacks were parried, sometimes with heavy losses. But the British struggled to keep German infiltrators out of the town. At the same time, the British 50th Infantry Division attacked Panzer Lehr from the north, west of the town of Tilly-sur-Seulles. These determined attacks against prepared defenses made some headway but not enough to drive the tenacious defenders out of their position. After three days, British commanders concluded—maybe too hastily—that they had to withdraw from Villers to preserve their force. Thus ended an opportunity to break open the fighting in Normandy and threaten Caen nearly two months before the Allies would do so after the American breakout. With this scenario book you can re-fight the important tactical battles of this early Normandy operation, which began with so much promise for the Allies but ended with so much disappointment. See if you can execute Wittmann's bold charge against a force that outnumbered him over 10 to 1 in tanks. Hold off a powerful Tiger company as it attempts to blast its way into Villers-Bocage. Infiltrate into the town with panzergrenadiers that always seem outnumbered by the British Tommies. Lead a British infantry attack, supported by powerful artillery, against dug-in Panzer Lehr troops. Try your hand with a Sherman Firefly and see if you can knock out five Panthers in one day! It's all here with the fluid Fireball Forward! game system that allows you to play company-level World War II games quickly and easily while still rewarding realistic tactics. Enjoy the widely varied actions that took place in the hedgerows and the towns of Normandy in a part of history sometimes overlooked by American gamers.


Britain's Lost Opportunity: Villers-Bocage

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